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Service Providers in India: Opsio - Managed Cloud Services

Praveena Shenoy
Country Manager

Service Providers in India: Opsio - Managed Cloud Services

Opsio is a leading Managed Cloud Service Provider based in Bangalore, India. With a focus on digital transformation, DevOps, cloud management, migration and modernization services; Opsio provides IT consultancy to startups, SMEs and Enterprises alike. Discover why businesses across India trust Opsio for their managed cloud needs.

Expert Managed Cloud Services

Opsio's Expert Managed Cloud Services offers businesses in India with the infrastructure, authority, and communications to meet their cloud computing needs. With its headquarters located in Bangalore, Opsio provides top tier services to startups and enterprises alike. The company specializes in digital transformation, DevOps implementation, migration of workloads into the cloud environment as well as modernization of existing IT systems.

As one of India's leading managed cloud service providers like Airtel and Idea; Opsio can help your business optimize its operations by providing a reliable IT consultancy service that ensures high availability systems with minimal downtime while reducing costs through efficient resource utilization. Contact Opsio today to experience their expertise firsthand.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become an essential strategy for businesses to stay competitive in today's market. With the increasing reliance on technology, companies are turning towards cloud-native application development, integration with legacy systems and automation of business processes. At Opsio, we help businesses navigate this change by providing customized digital transformation solutions that align with their unique requirements.

Our services include:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Automation of business processes

Opsio understands that airtel communications infrastructure is crucial in achieving successful digital transformation initiatives. Our team of experts works closely with clients to ensure seamless integration between their existing telecom infrastructure and new cloud-based technologies. We also offer IT consultancy services related to internet authority and idea implementation for clients based out of Delhi or anywhere else in India looking to modernize their operations.


Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) are integral to DevOps practices. Opsio implements CI/CD pipelines to automate the testing and deployment of code changes, ensuring fast and reliable software releases. Infrastructure as code (IaC) is another crucial aspect of our DevOps services, allowing us to manage infrastructure through version control systems like Git. Containerization and orchestration also play a significant role in modern IT infrastructures, which we implement using tools such as Kubernetes for efficient resource utilization.

Opsio provides cutting-edge DevOps solutions to businesses across India, including Delhi, Airtel Communications, and Idea Authority, leveraging CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure as code with a focus on innovation.

By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies along with our expertise in managing cloud-based infrastructure, Opsio provides top-notch DevOps solutions to businesses across India including Delhi, Airtel Communications, Idea Authority,and more. Our focus on innovation ensures that your business stays ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving technology landscape while maintaining high levels of security and reliability for your internet-based operations.

Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud services provide 24/7 monitoring and support services to ensure your business stays online with minimal downtime. With our cost optimization through cloud resource management, we help you save on unnecessary expenses while keeping your infrastructure up-to-date. Our security and compliance management offers peace of mind, ensuring that all necessary measures are in place to protect against potential threats. Trust Airtel's authority as a top service provider in India for secure and reliable Managed Cloud solutions.

At Opsio, we understand the importance of internet communications for businesses today. That's why we offer top-notch Managed Cloud services with a focus on modernization tailored to fit your business needs, making us an ideal solution provider in Delhi or anywhere else in India. Let us handle the complex details of your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business.


To ensure a seamless transition to the cloud environment without service disruptions or data loss, Opsio conducts an analysis of on-premise infrastructure for migration readiness. This includes real-time monitoring during the migration process to ensure optimal performance. With attention to detail and expertise in IT consultancy services, businesses can trust Opsio as one of India's top managed cloud service providers.

Opsio works with leading communications companies like Airtel and Idea, as well as government authorities such as Delhi Infrastructure Authority. Their dedication to providing exceptional service extends beyond just migration support - they also offer digital transformation, DevOps consulting, modernization strategies and more. Trust in their experience and contact Opsio today for all your IT needs.


To keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape, businesses need to modernize their infrastructure. This involves refactoring applications for better scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Opsio helps clients by migrating databases to modern database platforms such as Amazon Aurora or Google Cloud SQL and adopting microservices architecture for better agility. With these changes come improved performance in communications systems, faster internet speeds and more efficient services.

Opsio has worked with a range of clients including Airtel and Idea Authority on various projects related to digital transformation. By choosing Opsio as your Managed Cloud Service Provider in India, you are partnering with experts who have experience helping businesses stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting new technologies.

Why Choose Opsio

Opsio stands out as one of the top Managed Cloud Service Providers in India due to their extensive experience and expertise. With over a decade of experience, Opsio has successfully managed numerous cloud-based projects for businesses across various industries.

Their team of experts comprises certified professionals with in-depth knowledge and skills in cloud technology, ensuring that they provide tailor-made solutions to meet each client's unique needs. Additionally, their exceptional customer support is available 24/7, providing prompt assistance whenever needed.

Choose Opsio as your Managed Cloud Service Provider today and take advantage of their digital transformation services, DevOps practices, migration capabilities, modernization strategies and more. Contact them now to propel your business forward!


With extensive experience in providing managed cloud services for various industries, Opsio is a trusted partner for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud. Our team of experts has handled complex cloud infrastructures, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient operations.

Opsio's successful implementation of managed cloud services is showcased through our case studies. We have helped clients across industries achieve their business goals by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Our expertise includes:

  • Cloud strategy planning and execution
  • Migration planning and execution
  • Infrastructure management
  • Security and compliance management

At Opsio, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support throughout all stages of our partnership with our clients.


Opsio is an expert in managing AWS, Azure and GCP clouds ensuring clients' cloud infrastructures are secure, stable and scalable. Our team of professionals provides customized solutions that meet unique business needs. We understand the importance of staying ahead in the constantly evolving digital space, which is why we focus on providing exceptional service to our clients.

We take pride in delivering end-to-end managed cloud services with a professional touch that exceeds expectations. Partnering with us means you can expect top-of-the-line expertise from a trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider based out of India. Contact Opsio today for your IT consultancy needs.

Customer Support

Opsio's customer support team is highly responsive and available to handle any issues or inquiries that clients may have. They pride themselves on providing top-quality service, as evidenced by the high level of satisfaction among their customers. Opsio takes a personalized approach to solving client issues and challenges, ensuring that each problem is addressed quickly and efficiently. With Opsio's help, businesses can be confident in their ability to overcome any IT-related obstacles they may encounter along the way.

Contact Opsio

Opsio is a leading managed cloud service provider in India, offering a wide range of services to businesses. With their expertise and attention to detail, they provide customized solutions for each client's unique needs. The services offered by Opsio include infrastructure management, application management, and cloud consulting.

Choosing Opsio as your managed cloud service provider comes with many benefits. Their team of experts ensures that your business runs smoothly by providing 24/7 support and monitoring. They also offer cost-effective solutions that can save you time and money in the long run while increasing efficiency.

Contacting the team at Opsio is easy - simply reach out through their website or give them a call to learn more about their services or get started on your customized solution today!

Opsio is a trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider based in Bangalore, India, offering a wide range of services to businesses, including Digital Transformation, DevOps, Managed Cloud, Migration, and Modernization. Their team of professionals provides customized solutions that meet unique business needs, ensuring secure, stable, and scalable cloud infrastructures. Opsio takes pride in delivering end-to-end managed cloud services with a professional touch that exceeds expectations. Partnering with Opsio means you can expect top-of-the-line expertise from a trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider. Contact Opsio today for your IT consultancy needs.

Service Providers in India: Opsio - Managed Cloud Services

In conclusion, Opsio is a reliable and professional Managed Cloud Service Provider that offers a range of IT consultancy services to businesses of all sizes. Their expertise in Digital Transformation, DevOps, Managed Cloud, Migration, and Modernization can help businesses streamline their operations and achieve their goals more efficiently. Whether you are a startup, SME, or Enterprise, Opsio can provide tailored solutions to your unique needs. Contact Opsio today to learn more about how they can help your business grow and thrive in the competitive Indian market.

About Praveena Shenoy
Praveena Shenoy
Country Manager
Praveena, the esteemed country manager of Opsio India, actively collaborates with Indian customers, guiding them through their cloud transformation journey. He plays a pivotal role in supporting Indian customers' progression in the cloud realm.
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