Security As A Service

Security solutions tofortify your business

Our security experts will adopt a custom-made unique approach and build a comprehensive Security as a Service model to ensure your business has the best security practices applied, ensuring your assets are protected while hardening your system.

Custom security solutions so your business is secure

In today’s world, businesses need to have the assurance that their operations are running in a safe and secure environment. Security as a Service is essential to businesses with a cloud computing environment, must meet the latest security and compliance requirements. Opsio's SecOps team in Bangalore assists businesses in building, designing, and implementing a secure IT environment that streamlines production operations throughout the whole lifecycle.
Our team of experienced and certified security experts help businesses in relieving their operational challenges regarding security, enabling the business to focus on more crucial business decisions. Our team offers services ranging across the entire spectrum, from penetration testing and social engineering - to system and platform specific analysis and remediation.
Our Approach
How our security experts help business protect themselves against threats

Dedicated Security Service

Constant Oversight & Auditing

Regular Insights & Reports

Leveraging Certified Expertise

How we work
With Opsio’s security services, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is secure with the latest security patches and updates, paired with regular analysis, testing and striving to continuously fortify and harden the infrastructure of your business.
Assessment & Detection
Threat analysis & solutions
Support and follow-up
Report & communication
Running analysis & remediation
Security As A Service
Our dedicated security services secure your valuable assets
End-to-end tailored security
With a tailor-made security delivery, complete with a 360-degree approach to security, our security experts ensure all security bottlenecks are addressed, while being in line with the best security practices and your business goals.
Data security and privacy
Protect your valuable data and instill a solid standard of privacy so that business data is backed-up with recovery options. This way, businesses can always have access to data and is secure.
Vulnerability management and system hardening
Our security experts will assess the unique requirements of your business, by addressing vulnerabilities, securing the infrastructure and simplifying the complex process of building a secure environment.
Access management
Access management is the foundation of our approach to security. It acts as a baseline layer of protection and enables businesses to manage access to its employees. From authentication and administration of identities - to setting up specific access groups and policies.

Supported platforms

Efficient Cloud computing with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering various services along with the high functionality, largest community of customers and partners, highly secure, offering fast pace of innovation.

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