AWS to GCP Migration

AWS to GCP Migration: Seamless Cloud Environment Optimization

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AWS to GCP Migration Services

Our AWS to GCP Migration Services enable companies to modernize their IT infrastructure and applications, leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform. We offer expert support for migrating workloads from AWS to GCP with minimal downtime, ensuring a smooth transition between platforms.

Our AWS to GCP Migration Services provide expert support for a seamless transition between platforms with minimal downtime.

Our services encompass various aspects of migration including access management, IAM credentials and VPC networks. Our team has experience in migrating VMs through Compute Engine, Kubernetes-based solutions, and Open Source tools like Velostrata - all designed for scalability, enhanced traffic management and secure firewall connections. With our comprehensive post-migration support services we ensure that your cloud environment is optimized for performance on the new platform.

Assessment and Planning

Current infrastructure evaluation, application assessment for compatibility, and risk analysis are important steps in the assessment and planning phase of an AWS to GCP migration. These ensure that the migration process is successful and minimizes any potential risks or issues.

  • Current infrastructure evaluation:
  • Assessment of current IT infrastructure to identify areas that need improvement before migrating.
  • Application assessment for compatibility:
  • Identifying applications that can be migrated easily and those that require modification or redevelopment.
  • Risk analysis:
  • Evaluation of potential risks during the migration process such as data loss, system downtime, security breaches.

During this phase, our team will perform a deep dive into your existing IT environment and applications to develop a plan tailored specifically to your organization's needs. Our experts will evaluate compute engine options like Velostrata or Kubernetes; access management with IAM; networks like VPCs or VPNs; firewall configurations; open-source platforms for scalability optimization among others. Once these assessments are complete we'll provide you with clear recommendations on how best to migrate from AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Data Migration

Data migration is a crucial aspect of transitioning from AWS to GCP. The process includes data mapping and profiling, schema conversion and validation, as well as real-time data replication. It's important to ensure that access management, credentials, and firewall rules are properly configured before migrating networks with VPC connections or VPN connections.

Our team uses open source tools along with IAM policies and Kubernetes for scalability in order to migrate VMs through compute engine. We also use Velostrata for traffic optimization during the migration process. Our experts thoroughly validate all migrated data using GCP's native tools such as Cloud SQL or BigQuery to ensure successful schema conversion.

Application Migration

Our AWS to GCP migration services include expert application migration, ensuring a smooth transition of your applications from AWS to GCP. One important step in this process is containerization of applications using Kubernetes, allowing for easier management and scalability in the new environment. Along with this, our team ensures proper API management configuration and load balancing setup, enabling efficient traffic flow between your applications.

To ensure secure access management during the migration process, we also assist with IAM credentials and VPN or VPC connection setups. As an open-source platform, Kubernetes offers flexibility while migrating VMs on compute engines like Velostrata. Additionally, our team can implement firewall configurations on both AWS and GCP networks for added security measures. Trust us to handle all aspects of your application migration needs as you modernize your IT infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform.

Infrastructure Optimization

Cloud infrastructure optimization is crucial for businesses looking to modernize their IT environment. Our expert AWS to GCP migration services offer the following:

  • Cloud architecture design:
  • We help you design a cloud architecture that meets your business needs while ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
  • Network configuration optimization:
  • We optimize your cloud network configuration for maximum efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Cloud security implementation:
  • Our team implements access management, credentials management, firewall rules, IAM policies, VPCs and VPN connections to ensure robust security across your cloud environment.

Our experience with open source tools such as Kubernetes and platforms like AWS and GCP enables us to provide seamless VM migration through Velocstrata or migrating workloads over Compute Engine in minutes. Contact us today for a smooth transition without any downtime or disruption.

Post-migration Support

Our post-migration support services ensure the smooth transition of your cloud environment. We provide performance monitoring to track and optimize system resources, as well as cost optimization to minimize expenses without compromising efficiency. Troubleshooting is also available for any issues that may arise during migration.

Our team specializes in access management with IAM credentials, VPC networks, and VPN connections for both AWS and GCP platforms. Firewall configuration is also implemented for secure traffic control. Additionally, we offer expertise in Kubernetes clusters and open-source technologies such as Velocstrata for VM migrations or Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata) if needed. With our support services, you can confidently modernize your infrastructure while maintaining scalability and simplicity in a multi-cloud environment.

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AWS to GCP Migration: Seamless Cloud Environment Optimization

Our company offers comprehensive IT infrastructure and application modernization services using AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We understand that staying ahead of the curve and adopting the latest technologies is critical for businesses to remain competitive. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs and develop a customized plan to modernize your IT infrastructure and applications. We will ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations, increased agility, scalability, and security. Trust us to help you stay ahead of the competition.



Our AWS migration has been a journey that started many years ago, resulting in the consolidation of all our products and services in the cloud. Opsio, our AWS Migration Competency Partner, have been instrumental in helping us assess, mobilize and migrate to the platform, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support at every step.

Roxana Diaconescu, CTO of SilverRail Technologies

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